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Accessible Parking / ADA 

Commercial properties MUST be in compliance with the ADA Regulations. C&C Paving can help you ensure that your business is an inclusive place by being accessbile to those with disabilities. Lawsuits over ADA regulations are costly, on the rise, and most importantly avoidable.

C&C Paving Company takes pride in offering ADA services to our customers, we work hand in hand with California's leading ADA CASP Expert to ensure your property meets ADA requirements.


We are equipped with the skills to provide a wide range of services to satisfy your ADA paving and ADA concrete needs. Whether it be parking lot striping designated disabled stalls, installing posts for disabled parking stalls, or creating accessible curb ramps at precise slope percentage. Below are listed some of the ADA services we provide:

• Signs

• Posts

• Striping

• Path of travel

• Pave: 2%, 5% OR 8.33%

• Ramps

• Truncated Domes

• Bollards

• Detectible Warning


C&C is happy to provide information and solutions for your property to follow California ADA Regulations. Contact us if you are considering making accessible adjustments to your property!

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