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C&C Paving Company is family owned and operated since 1990, we proudly service all of Southern California. C&C believes in HONESTY as our motto; you trust us to do the best job possible and we promise to deliver on time.
We believe in fairness with our employees and customers alike. C&C guarantees you, our valued customer, a delivery of the highest quality materials, service, and workmanship assuring the best results possible.
We own and service all of our equipment on a regular basis to ensure all jobs are on schedule. 
Safety is always top priority, environmentally conscious and socially responsible. C&C Paving is a leader in the use and re-use of recycled products. We carefully pick high standard suppliers to help fulfill our commitment to quality and workmanship.


Our attention to detail sets us apart from the competition. We are eager to handle all of your paving needs and are dedicated to establishing a personal business relationship with each customer! With C&C Paving you can rest as

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